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pvc tube

Easy Open PVC Tube
Field of use:

clothing, underwear, food industry, leather, silverware, jewellery, perfumery, gadgets, promotional souvenirs, furnishing and interior decoration, fairs, events, rappresentation, cadeau.


This is clear pvc tube that permit to show the product inside and can be printed on 360 till 4 colors.
The particularity of this pack is the Ezopen cans that once opened can’t be closed any more.
The product can be put inside from the bottom. The bottom is made in silver plastic and once closed seals the tube and it is very difficult to open it again. This kind of hermetic closure is suitable in the alimentary field to contain products that must be sealed and protected.

The standard size of the base is of diameter 10mm and the high can be done from customer requirement and needs.

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