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Transparent PVC Boxes
Field of use:

clothing, leather, silverwear, jewellery, perfumery, footwear, gadgets, confectionery, promotional souvenirs, furnishing and interior decorations, fairs, events, representation, cadeau.


Custom promotional gifts pvc boxes. These foldable boxes are delivered flat. The pvc can be supplied transparent, frosted or colored. The colored pvc box can be realized in transparent material with the silk screen printing of one or more colors and the logo remain transparent (without any printing on it).

This is a suitable box with easy assembly - there is one glue part only. Another benefit of this shape is the hanger hole. The logo is printed in two colors on one side.

This box with same shape of the above box, but the used pvc is frosted. The logo is printed in two colors.

No Print:
The box is realized in semitransparent pvc. It is completely foldable and is delivered flat.

Flowers printing box:
The box is realized in transparent pvc. The artwork is done in two colors with an additional frosted color that give the effect of the third color. This box is also foldable and has one glue part only.

Chocolate box:
Foldable box in black semitransparent color with the printed logo and the insert for the chocolates.

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