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Satin Polypropylene (PP) Boxes and Shopper
Field of use:

clothing, food industry, leather, silverware, jewellery, perfumery, footwear, gadgets, promotional souvenirs, furnishing and interior decoration, fairs, events, rappresentation, cadeau.


As an alternative to pvc can be used the material PP (polypropylene) in colors: natural semitransparent white or colored, that can be chosen from the basic 5/6 colors from our color card.

Bag "Wanda":
It is a little polypropylene bag with die cut handles. The logo is printed in one color. The bag has a small gusset on 3 sides.

Folder "Sensitive":
This material (polypropylene) can be used to do many kind of bags. In this case we made a folder with a handle in same material, a front flap and a button stud for closure.
The logo is printed in many colors.

This is an example of the colored polypropylene. In this case we can see the natural white and red basic colors. The semitransparent colors are the soft one (like clear bleu) and the colors like red don’t permit to see trough the material.

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