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Plexiglas Round Boxes


Plexiglass: provides the look of glass, but the durability and safety of extra thick plastic and is used more and more in the packaging and view communication fields.

Field of use:

clothing, food industry, silverware, jewellery, wedding favors, lingerie, underwear, perfumery, gadgets, promotional souvenirs, furnishing and interior decoration, medicine field, plant and flowers, fairs, events, representations, cadeau, and very many other fields.



Box - clear plexiglass tube in mm.3 thick material. This package can contain any kind of items or gifts. The lid is very suitable and safe. The plexiglass tube can be done in clear, semitransparent colored or colored material. The logo can be printed on the cover.

These boxes are available in 2 standard sizes in stock and can be made according to the customer requirement.

Some samples of use

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