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bustine PVC Divina
PVC Cases with Mini Grip
Field of use:

clothing, corsetry, lingerie, underwear, leather, silverware, jewellery, perfumery, footwear, gadgets, promotional souvenirs, furnishing and interior decoration, fairs, events, representations, medicine field, cadeau.


The first is a flat bag made in clear pvc 400 my so it is very strong. It is printed in one color on both sides and is closed with a mini grip with white puller. It's transparency let to be seen the product inside. Any shape, size and color is available.

The second is a mini bag in frosted pvc semitransparent, closed with a minigrip + white puller + one eyelet on the side for hanging.
It is a welded bag with printed logo on one side in one color. The size in this case is very small and is suitable to contain little and precious items inside.

The minimum quantity is 1.000 pcs.

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